USB/ALDL Interface Cable Sets


These are high quality USB/ALDL interface cable sets that allow you to connect your PC to the vehicle's ALDL connector for programming of the vehicle's computer or data logging. The cables are compatible with the C.A.T.S. Tuner and WinFlash programs for the 1994/1995 LT1 cars and the 1994/1995 L32/L82 V6 cars. These cables are also compatible with most scan tool and data logging software for GM vehicles with 8192 baud ALDL data streams. The cables are not compatible with vehicles using the early 160 baud ALDL data stream.

Three versions of the cable sets are available; the USB/ALDL-1 which includes an OBDI style 12 pin ALDL cable for use with vehicles that have an OBDI style ALDL connector, the USB/ALDL-2 which includes an OBDII style 16 pin ALDL cable for use with vehicles that have an OBDII style ALDL connector and the USB/ALDL-Y which includes an ALDL cable with both an OBDI and OBDII style connectors.

Each USB/ALDL Interface Cable  set includes:

The cost of the USB/ALDL-1 and USB/ALDL-2 cable sets is $84.95 and $114.95 for the USB/ALDL-Y cable set.

For those of you who already own a serial RS232 version of the AKM cables we also offer an upgrade to USB. The upgrade kit includes the ALDL to USB converter and the USB cable (you use your original ALDL cable). This upgrade kit costs $59.95

NOTE: There is a $30.00 additional shipping and handling charge for international shipments.

USB/ALDL-1 (12 pin ALDL)
USB/ALDL-2 (16 pin ALDL)
Serial to USB Upgrade Kit
International Shipping ($30.00)