CalData Program Description
CalData The C.A.T.S. CalData program is a comprehensive GM calibration information database containing nearly 8000 records and a powerful search engine in one program. The CalData database includes detailed information on all EPROM based GM calibrations from 1980 through 1997. The program even tells you if a calibration has been superseded by a newer calibration and gives you a quick link to the newer calibration.

The data can be accessed directly by entering a broadcast code or by searching on a variety of data fields. A complete list of Platform Codes and RPO Codes for each model year is also provided. 

The program will also generate search reports to your printer or hard drive.

Sample calibration Information Screen


Sample Platform Code List             



Sample RPO Code List


Click on the link below to download a demo version of the CalData program. The demo version is a fully functional copy of the registered program except that it will only allow you to access information from the 1990 model year.

You can purchase a registered version of the program for only $19.95. See the 'How To Order' page on our web site for ordering details or click to 'Add to Cart' button below.  


Download Demo