The C.A.T.S. Disassembler,  as the name implies, is a Windows based program that will read a binary file and output an object code file that can be reassembled.

This Disassembler supports the following microprocessors:

  • Motorola 6801, Similar to the Code used in early GM  ECM's, (TBI).
  • Motorola 68HC11 the coded used in the later P6 and P66 PCM's.
  • Intel 8096, Source code, Some foreign cars.
  • Intel 8061, Source code for Ford EEC IV ECU's.

This is the tool that allowed us to disassemble and subsequently reverse engineer the ECM's and PCM's for which we developed Tuner.


    Disassembler Setup Screen

    Select disassembly start and end addresses, table address ranges and table data types from a drop down menu. 

Options Screen

Try it free for 30 days, if you like it send us $19.95 to register the program. See the 'How To Order' page on our web site for ordering details or click to 'Add to Cart' button below. 


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