The C.A.T.S. ECM Definition File Editor is a utility program that allows you to create new and edit existing ECM Definition Files for the C.A.T.S. Tuner program. ECM Definition Files provide all the necessary information about a calibration that the Tuner program needs such as the location and size of tables, conversion factors, etc.

The Editor translates the calibration information entered on four main screens into the correct Definition File binary format file used by the Tuner program.

Main Program Features

Four main screens are used to input the calibration information: the general ECM information screen, the switch information screen, the constant information screen and the table information screen.

General ECM Information Screen


Switch Information Screen


Constant Information Screen


Table Information Screen


While the ECM Definition File Editor is a powerful utility developed to streamline the creation and editing of ECM Definition Files, it cannot build Definition Files automatically. You will need a good understanding of the ECM with which you are working and detailed information about the calibration.