OBDII VDF Editor Update

Download Version 2.83 Update

To install the update, double click on the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions..

The default install folder is c:\program files\cats\vdf editor which is the default installation folder for the OBDII VDF Editor program. If you installed the program into another folder make sure you select the correct installation folder during the installation of the update.

After installing the updates, run the VDF Editor program. Click on the 'Help' menu and select 'About' from the drop-down list. On the 'About' screen, verify that you are now running version 2.83 of the program.



This is an update only. You must have a previously installed version of the VDF Editor program on your PC to use this update.


Version History

    Version 2.83

    Version 2.82

    Version 2.81

    Version 2.79

    Version 2.78

    Version 2.76

    Version 2.62

    Version 2.47


Please report any problems or bugs to tc@tunercat.com.