With the release of the OBDII Vehicle Definition File program the C.A.T.S. OBDII Tuner program becomes the first tuning program for OBDII vehicles that allows you to modify the various parameters that are available for tuning. The the Vehicle Definition File Editor is a utility program that allows you to edit existing or even create new Vehicle Definition Files for use with the C.A.T.S. OBDII Tuner and OBDII RT Tuner programs.

Note: The Vehicle Definition File Editor does NOT support the JET Dynamic Spectrum Tuner.

The Editor translates the calibration parameter information entered on five main screens into the correct Vehicle Definition File binary format file used by the C.A.T.S. OBDII tuning programs.

Main Program Features

General Information


Switch Information Screen


Constant Information Screen

Diagnostic Information Screen 

Table Information Screen

Table Sequence Screen


While the Vehicle Definition File Editor is a powerful utility developed to streamline the creation and editing of Definition Files, it cannot build Definition Files automatically. You will need a good understanding of the PCM with which you are working and detailed information about the calibration.

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