WinFlash Program Description
The C.A.T.S. WinFlash Utility program is a Windows based utility developed to read and program the FLASH memory in the '94/'95 OBDI PCMs used in the LT1 cars, the L32 3.4L V6 GM cars and the 3.1L L82 GM cars. The program uses your PC com port (serial or USB) to communicate with the PCM over the vehicles ALDL port.

With this program you can read the original calibration stored in your car's PCM and save it to your hard drive so you make changes to the calibration using the C.A.T.S. Tuner program. When your finished making changes to the calibration you can program your PCM with the modified calibration with the WinFlash program.

The program is designed to run on Windows 98 and later operating systems.



Note: This same functionality is available in the latest version of the Tuner program when the $EE ECM Definition File or V6 ECM Definition File is being used so you don't need the WinFlash program unless you are using a separate PC to read and program your PCM and you don't want to install the full Tuner program on this PC. 

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